Year: 2012

For 2013: Book a Week with Jen

Testing, testing…1, 2, 3. Is this thing on? I guess so. Blogger looks a lot different. My computer looks a lot different. Hell, *I* look a lot different. When I did the first Book a Week with Jen cycle, Myspace was the shit, and Twitter was a tech nerd-only service. ebooks? ewhat? I started Book a Week with Jen in 2007 because I was in the absolute pit of depression and despair. I’ve confessed that since I turned that first cycle into an ebook, though the public reason I gave was that I was tired of only reading books I could turn into work. I haven’t fallen out of love with reading, but I’ve become more distracted from it. Social media is a wonderful tool, but a time consuming one. I no longer live alone, so I no longer have as many blank nights on my calendar, which were previously filled…

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