Month: May 2013

Book 19 of 52: The House of Tides by Hannah Richell

One thought ran through my mind as I read The House of Tidesby Hannah Richell: GOD this is depressing.

House of Tides is about one family, the Tides, and their family tragedy. The book starts with daughter Dora, an advertising executive in London who has just found out that she’s pregnant. She doesn’t think she has a right to be a mother because of some tragic thing that happened to her family, from whom she is estranged. The story then jumps back to her mother, Helen, who was also in a similar situation of finding herself pregnant though in a much different situation: she hasn’t finished college, and she’s only been dating the man for a few months where Dora is living with the father of her unborn child.

The story of what happened is then told between flashbacks and scenes from present day life with the perspective rotation through different characters. Both timelines moving forward as the book presses on, revealing a little bit more of the horrible story of what happened with each one. Even though parts of the story are told from others’ perspectives, this is really a […]

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