I’m skipping town for the weekend, but first: news! And a picture of my dog because why not!

This is a bizarre one you probably already saw: the author of a book about grief has been accused of murdering her husband.

Barbara Kingsolver, who we just saw on the blog, was one of two (!) recipients of the Pulitzer Prize in for fiction. Read the full winners (and finalists) list here.

Sarah Wendell of Smart Bitches, Trashy Books wrote about the death of Heather Armstrong a.k.a. Dooce. I never really read Dooce, but as someone who blogged then (as the archives of this website can attest) her influence was impossible to ignore.

Maggie Takuda-Hall was asked by Scholastic to delete references in racism in Love in the Library, a kids book about how her Japanese grandparents met while incarcerated by the U.S. government during WW II . She said no. Scholastic backed off and wanted to license the book anyway, and she told them to beat it. I don’t blame her.

Speaking of, Vox has an infuriating piece about how some Republicans government are skipping over taking books out of libraries and moving to defund them all together. Hate it!

I’m not a Taylor Swift person (no offense! I’m happy if she makes you happy!) but this story about how a rumor about an upcoming July release was really her memoir is bizarre. Turns out, it’s a book by the K-Pop group BTS.

The Wall Street Journal had a chat with romance novelist Julia Quinn (of Bridgerton fame).

And, finally: what’s it like to be Prince Harry’s ghost writer? He wrote about it (under his own name!) for The New Yorker.


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Jen Miller

Jen Miller

Jen A. Miller is a an author and freelance writer. Her memoir, Running a Love Story, was a Philadelphia Inquirer best book of the year. Her work has appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, SELF, Buzzfeed and the Guardian, among others.

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