After my dog died, a friend was kind enough to send me a box of romance novels (and I know you read this, so shout out in the comments if you’d like!). I was looking for one more book to read before I left for London, so picked Wreck the Halls by Tessa Bailey out of the box. It looked like a Hallmark Christmas movie, so why not.

WELL! I was wrong about the tone of this book. If I had just flipped to the back jacket, I would have known that Bailey is known a high spice level in her book. This maybe one of the most explicit romance novels I’ve ever read? Of course that’s my fault since I judged the book by its cover, but I kept flipping between the book and the cover and thinking “huh!”

Our main characters are Beat and Melody. Their mothers had been in a band together until something split them up and they became sworn enemies. Beat, for reasons we find out later, is being blackmailed, and the one way for him to get enough money to pay this guy off is to do a reality show that challenges him to get his and Melody’s mothers back together, to do one song live on Christmas Eve.

These two met once when they were 16 years old, and have been apparently pining for each other ever since, which is why Melody agrees to help — even though she doesn’t know about the blackmail.

It is a little far fetched, but if you can’t be in a romance novel when can you? Also, after I went on about the use of the word “tits” in Beautiful Ruins, it shows up AGAIN multiple times here, but in a book with a lot of dirty talk, well, it doesn’t seem so out of place.

Anyway — I am in London while I write this, trying to dry out my shoes and get over jet lag. So…cheerio? Or ta ta for now!

Nail polish: one way for one by essie.

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Jen Miller

Jen Miller

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