The latest in our series of Savage Run by C.J. Box. Did it occur to me that it was a bit odd that I brought a book about a Wyoming game warden to read in England? Yes. However, I also read Regency romance novels in my home in New Jersey so is it all that different?

Anyway – this is the second in Box’s Joe Pickett series about, yes, a Wyoming game warden. Like Open Season (which I did read while out west this summer), which I read earlier this year, it’s about the tension between environmentalists and people who use the land for profit, sport or both. It opens with an exploding cow. Yes, an exploding cow.

As the book progresses, we follow the two men responsible for the exploding cow, and murders of high profile people working in the environmental movement. Pickett gets involved because he investigates the cow incident, eventually puts together that these murders are connected.

It’s a quick read, and one that kept me engaged, which is why I brought it with me, to read on the flight, and then on the London Underground while zipping around London. It was the perfect book for it.

Also a note about the title: Savage Run is a real place. It’s part of the Medicine Bow National Forest in Wyoming. The title made me go errrrr as well, but he didn’t just make it up for fun.

Nail polish: ace of shades by essie.

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Jen Miller

Jen Miller

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