It’s November, which means it’s time for a new Michael Connelly book!

If you’re new here, I embarked on a project a few years ago to read all of Connelly’s works, most of them focused on his main character, Harry Bosch, a now retired LAPD detective. Resurrection Walk is about him and his half brother, Mickey Haller, the so-called Lincoln Lawyer (and even though it’s billed as a Lincoln Lawyer novel, it’s a pretty even split).

They’ve teamed up for two reasons: first, Bosch needed health insurance and to enroll in a clinical trial to treat his cancer, which Haller could provide. And second, the book opens with Haller having a conviction overturned. His client does what he calls a “Resurrection Walk” out of jail (hence the title of the book). Bosch’s job is to sort through all the requests Haller subsequently got from inmates after, to see if there was any promise in those pleas for help, in sort of a two-man Innocence Project.

Bosch finds one: a woman who was sent to jail for killing her husband, who was in the LAPD. But the facts don’t add up. I won’t say more because the plot spoilers happen early, but it’s a typical Connelly work: tight, tense, fast to read, and connected to current policing issues. I read it in just a few days, as I tend to do with his works.

He’s also been speaking out against book bans — you can read about that here in the Tampa Bay Times.

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