What do we do with art from problematic people?

An update on a previous review.


Earlier this week, I learned that the author of book 1 in this year’s series is transphobic. I’ve put a note linking to this post at the top of the review, and because I had more to say about it, and on finding out that something you love was created by someone with hateful views, I wrote a full post here.

To start: in this discussion, I mean art we’ve enjoyed before we knew the artist is problematic, like riding along on an adventure with Harry Potter before J.K. Rowling started spouting transphobic views, or laughing at The Cosby Show before knowing what he did to women, or even learning something interesting from an early Dr. Oz show before realizing he’s a crank. What I don’t mean is seeing that an actor has been arrested for beating his wife and then saying “yes I need to give this man more of my money!” It’s about realizing something that brought you joy was created by someone who is also terrible.

The place I’ve landed on is that finding out the artist is a bigot/transphobic/domestic abuser doesn’t erase the experience their art brought you, but it doesn’t mean you continue to […]

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Station Eleven the series, and a note



Despite saying that I needed a bit of time to process the book Station Eleven, I dove right into the HBO miniseries adaptation, and watched all 10 episodes in two days (and in those two days, I wrote an edited 8,500 words of copy, yes I am VERY tired).

The series is different than the book in terms of the plot, but it still holds the same core values of finding beauty in the darkness, the importance of community, and also the importance of trust. Giving these characters bigger and wider lives was the right call too. In the book, Arthur Leander, a fading actor, is a core character. In the series, he’s more a winch around which everyone else wound until the world fell apart. It was an extremely smart decision, and I commend the folks who worked on the series of for it.

I also give them kudos for being able to start a show about a pandemic before a pandemic (they shot the first two episodes before the world shut down) and then come back to it. I found it stressful enough as a viewer living through a […]

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Coming soon…

Hey. Hey. Heyyyyyy. You there? I am. Stay tuned for something new in 2022…

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